Using immediate feedback to increase the rate of improvement.

Robbie Williams – Teacher of PE

‘Does immediate feedback and collation of test results increase the rate of improvement?’

What gave you the idea for the project and what are you hoping to find out?

“The idea came about from hearing the enthusiasm of students after a test to discuss their test results.”

“I’m hoping to discover if immediate feedback, collation of results and rewards can raise the focus and effort amongst aspiring learners.”

How have you found Action Research?

“I’ve found that Action Research has enabled me to apply a spotlight of focus on specific areas of learning for a range of classes. Through providing immediate feedback, I’m hoping that students growing up within this current society of social media and immediate judgement will be enthused to improve their own performance.”

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Using Repetition and Reflection to Improve the Behavior and Performance of Year 10 boys

Case Study – Jen Fowler – NQT Humanities Teacher

Action Research Project – Using repetition and reflection to improve the behavior and performance of Year 10 boys.

How did you come up with your Action research Project?

“I wanted to see if quick feedback helps boys focus on the learning questions”

What do you personally want to get from carrying out the research?

“I want to see if  setting individual targets and areas to focus on improves behavior and engagement in lessons….I am hoping that showing them that I know them well enough to give individual targets will encourage their engagement –  improving behavior and performance in return.”

How have you found Action Research?

“…having completed a large research project for my PGCE I was initially a little nervous as the memories of traipsing through articles and studies is still very vivid! … far it has been interesting to see how the students are responding to what I have put in place. I’m looking forward to watching other members of the group”

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Structuring Formative Assessment to Facilitate Students Ownership of Progress

Case Study – Tor Emberson – Science Teacher

Structuring formative assessment to facilitate students ownership of progress

How did you come up with this Action Research title?

“As part of my continual CPD I organised a learning walk across other curriculum areas to see how other members of staff were collating assessment throughout the entire duration of the course…..this gave me ideas for developing the strategies we have in place in our department”

What do you personally hope to get from carrying out the action research?

“…develop our students independent enquirer skills…more efficient use of our feedback…ultimately to improve the use of lesson time.”

How have you found action research?

“I really enjoy Action Research, it gives me a reason to do some targeted reading to improve my own practice and trial ideas from the masses of pedagogy that is out there.”

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Other Areas of Research

Before we launched our Action Research program members of Tenzing School at TorBridge High undertook a pilot of action research in 2016. We had been involved in whole school training and wanted to see if what we had learnt could be effectively transferred into our lessons. We worked in groups each testing out a different project. Before the project people were a little unsure but after they had completed it everyone was positive that it was a good way to develop their practice.

Conclusion: All colleagues felt that the techniques could be easily implemented into their practice. Questioning was improved and students did appear to have more opportunities to critically think around subjects. All of the team who participated felt it they had been able to take a number of positives from the experience.

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