Using immediate feedback to increase the rate of improvement.

Robbie Williams – Teacher of PE

‘Does immediate feedback and collation of test results increase the rate of improvement?’

What gave you the idea for the project and what are you hoping to find out?

“The idea came about from hearing the enthusiasm of students after a test to discuss their test results.”

“I’m hoping to discover if immediate feedback, collation of results and rewards can raise the focus and effort amongst aspiring learners.”

How have you found Action Research?

“I’ve found that Action Research has enabled me to apply a spotlight of focus on specific areas of learning for a range of classes. Through providing immediate feedback, I’m hoping that students growing up within this current society of social media and immediate judgement will be enthused to improve their own performance.”

If you want to read what other Action research projects are being carried out at Torbridge High to support all of our learners please read below.

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