Increasing Progress Through Peer Assessment

Case Study – Dan Turner –  Maths Teacher

What’s the title of your action research project?

“Can peer assessment allow more able students to make increased progress?”

What gave you the idea of this project?

“Peer marking is used a lot in maths on a basic level and more able students are good at supporting each other when they make mistakes. I am just taking this to the next level.”

What are you hoping to find out?

“Whether or not the process of giving each other feedback, unpicking other students work and coming up with thoughtful, well considered EBI and WWWs for each other will enhance students understanding and therefore aid their progress.”

How have you found Action Research?

“So far so good. I am using it in a context which will hopefully provide a benefit to my students without trying to reinvent the wheel. My students have engaged well with the concept which has helped and I am hopeful of some positive results.”

For a full list of out Action research projects into the progress of our most able students see below

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