Using immediate feedback to increase the rate of improvement.

Robbie Williams – Teacher of PE

‘Does immediate feedback and collation of test results increase the rate of improvement?’

What gave you the idea for the project and what are you hoping to find out?

“The idea came about from hearing the enthusiasm of students after a test to discuss their test results.”

“I’m hoping to discover if immediate feedback, collation of results and rewards can raise the focus and effort amongst aspiring learners.”

How have you found Action Research?

“I’ve found that Action Research has enabled me to apply a spotlight of focus on specific areas of learning for a range of classes. Through providing immediate feedback, I’m hoping that students growing up within this current society of social media and immediate judgement will be enthused to improve their own performance.”

If you want to read what other Action research projects are being carried out at Torbridge High to support all of our learners please read below.

Rachel Allin: Using different forms of careers advise to motivate and inspire a test group of year 10 students with low aspirations from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Lisa Coles: Providing access to internet time and printing to support home learning.

Amanda Cretch: How we can reduce the over representation of students in receipt of FSM in reflection.

Debbie Davies: Emotional self esteem with L.S. students.

Rachel Davidson & Cathy Lawrence: Home / School reading journal.

Carem De Pablo: Increased parental contact, peer tutoring, marking and feedback.

Anthony Dennis & Nicola Mathieson: Providing Pupil Premium students with exam packs and revision guides.

Alan Dickins, Rivka Platt, Clare Webster & Sammi Hooper: Increased parental contact and provision of extra sessions.

Rachel Downie: Prioritizing Pupil Premium students book marking.

Jo Galli: Freedom of choice in relation to topic and the quality of 1:1 feedback / guided writing.

Ruth Golding: Can meta-cognitive techniques support Key Stage 5 students to improve their assessment in Sociology.

Ian Goldsmith: Increase parental contact in a year 9 class.

Tracey Hunt, Andy Stearns & Sarah Loveridge: Exploring the use of ‘learning partners’ to improve outcomes for aspiring learners.

Jo Mellors: How can we reduce the over representation of students in receipt of FSM in ‘reflection’.

Alana Mitchell: Emotionally disadvantaged – bullying support group to raise self esteem and confidence.

Maureen Reynolds: Visual methods to support reading comprehension and retention of information.

Rosena Robertson: Use of X-box as a reward system for Year 9 boys

Matt Sims: Seating plans on my desk and home school communication using the Connect Ed App

Staph Tomlinson: Targeted questioning, marking and feedback for pupil Premium students in lessons.

Katy Tuxford: How can i use a progress tracker booklet to regularly assess the progress of Pupil Premium students?

Alex Sharpe, Julie Dickins, Jess Bradley & Joanne White: Providing a home learning drop in location with refreshments.



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