Using Repetition and Reflection to Improve the Behavior and Performance of Year 10 boys

Case Study – Jen Fowler – NQT Humanities Teacher

Action Research Project – Using repetition and reflection to improve the behavior and performance of Year 10 boys.

How did you come up with your Action research Project?

“I wanted to see if quick feedback helps boys focus on the learning questions”

What do you personally want to get from carrying out the research?

“I want to see if  setting individual targets and areas to focus on improves behavior and engagement in lessons….I am hoping that showing them that I know them well enough to give individual targets will encourage their engagement –  improving behavior and performance in return.”

How have you found Action Research?

“…having completed a large research project for my PGCE I was initially a little nervous as the memories of traipsing through articles and studies is still very vivid! … far it has been interesting to see how the students are responding to what I have put in place. I’m looking forward to watching other members of the group”

If you want to see what other Action research is being carried out at Torbridge High into removing the Gender gap in education please see below.

Lucy Brennan : What incentives have the most impact on boys motivation and progress?

Mike Chiswell: Increasing competition in a low-achieving ‘boy heavy’ classroom by incentivising with tangible rewards.

Kim Cooke & Emily Cowley: Does the seating plan impact on boys’ engagement and learning?

Rob Cory & Ellen Seccombe: To increase the progress of selected boys by a range of positive behavior strategies.

Andy Cox: To see if homework Apps accessible by parents and students reduces the lack of home learning undertaken by boys.

Vicky Davy: Exploring the boy friendly classroom ‘The Brain – His and Hers’ adapting classroom to suit male learners.

Paul Elliott: Use of mentoring to support boys.

Victoria Gilbert,  Rhonda Lawry-Griffiths, Leisha Pentlow & Walter Gomes : Using positive relationships to build self esteem and encourage progress in boys.

Micheal Hagan: Incentive to work – to see if types of incentives help improve the focus and effort of individual year 11 boys.

Kirsty Hockaday: To increase the progress of selected biys by a range of positive behaviour strategies.

Mark Horsfield,  Nicola Kenny & Andy Lyon: What incentives have the most impact on boys’ motivation and progress?

Chris Langmead, Kate Stevens & Nicola Reed: Exploring the use of mentoring by sixth form in and out of the classroom.

Ollie Lee: Explicit teaching of exam command words to encourage boys completion of liong answer questions.

James Loveridge & Tris Rogers: Key words and definitions – using regular testing and feedback to raise performance.

Chistine Palmer: Using technology to increase engagement of boys – Edmodo and Pixl Geography App.

Pearce Pettitt: Exploring strategies to increase engagement with a specific student.

Nichola Pugh & Elia Sanchez: To improve presentation of boys work through Presentation for Learning strategies.

Scott Williams: Do retrieval methods improve boys foundations in understanding and therefore improve engagement in the classroom.



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